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We are working for “Make everyday purchases convenient” in Africa. It is still underdeveloped in Africa for distribution infrastructure as economic foundation for exchange goods and currency while the economies are growing by more than 6% in annual. Thus, purchasing dairy goods in neighbourhood with reasonable price is something vulnerable for people in Africa. Also, due to those immature distribution systems, suppliers are facing challenges on establishing reliable and sustainable partnerships with customer and stable and continuous supplies.

We intend to solve the issues and make daily purchases convenient. This must accomplish the economies to maximize the opportunities for manufactures and, at the same time, be better the livelihoods for consumers.


Today, the mobile internet dramatically expands. Half of population in Kenya, for instnace, has already acquired smartphone. High smartphone penetration has been significantly exerting influence on the African societies and economies since computer was less circulated in this continent. In the coming 2-3 years, the mobile services on B2B market in Africa may exceed those in developed worlds and also grow in original manners.

We belive that mobile internet can positively collaborate with transportation of mankind and goods along value chain. Solving distirbution issues in Africa must root in visualizing customer infomation, sales and distribution activities, and connecting partners.

Our Edge

Afri-inc is working on two teams: firstly business development team in the subsidaries in Uganda and Kenya, and secondly engineer team based in Japan. Business development team is built with members from strategy consultant firm and experienced in distribution project in Africa. Engineer team is also well-experienced with mobile apps or B2B infrastructure system development at start-ups. We are now proceeding on making distribution revolution heppen.

In addtion, we have been working with over 30 companies of local manufacturers giants or agro-distribution/wholesalers and expanding our network with local investor or IT companies to aiming at enhance our businesses.


Kentaro Nagai
Co-Founder. Worked for an international development agency with focus on Africa and a strategic consultant firm prior to join Afri-inc. Graduated the University of Chicago Booth School of Management (MBA)
Yoshinori Sugiyama
Worked for various venture companies including web-developer, HR. After playing a CTO role in travel related venture, joined Afri-inc as a CTO.
Tomoya Nagata
Worked for a global VC/PE fund besides years of experience with a strategic consulting firm focusing on growth and innovation strategies. M.S. and B.S. from the University of Tokyo.
Rui Osawa
Sales/Business Development
Majored in BA History and Development in University of London with specifically work on modern Africa, and additionally, experienced as research associates in Centre for Colonialism and Imperialism.
Sales/Customer Support in Uganda
Customer Support/Trainer in Uganda
Account Relationship Manager in Kenya
Sales Executive in Kenya

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