SENRI Sales Management System


SENRI is sales automation software running on android apps and webpage integrally. SENRI provides management teams of ICT platform where we purpose at increasing the following management productivity: 1) Customer Relationship Management 2) Sales Force Management. Since 2015, we implemented SENRI to approx. 30 companies in East Africa.



  • Better connection with customersSENRI can manage sales records of even 1,000+ customers to better plan frequency of visit and identify cross-selling opportunities
  • Better visibility on field activitiesSENRI can identify redundancies and inefficiencies in daily routing and inventory management
  • Easier data managementSENRI can remove pen & paper transaction recording to make it easy for managements to review and develop long-term perspectives






Functionalities Examples

Android apps side

  •  Take orders / Record sales図9
     -Input basic sales information incl. quantity, price, payment due
     -Edit discount information incl. free samples
     -Print out invoice/receipt with mobile printer



  • Review sub-inventory
    -Review outstanding inventory図10
    -Input beginning stock and products added




Web browser side

  • Sales report図13
    -Review and analyze summary of daily/weekly/monthly sales summary sorted by retailer, sales reps, region, etc.






  • Activity log
    -Review sales rep’s activity on a specific date with location information of your customers






Case Study

Case I: Food and Commodity Distributors

  • Client Profiles
    ・Retailer Network: All across Uganda
    ・Number of Products: Around 700 product SKUs in total
    ・Product Category: Food, Beverage, Confectionery, Dairy Commodities etc…
  • Business Challenges
    ・ Huge numbers of retailers/ product SKUs make managers unable to:
    1) administer huge number of transaction data daily
    2) observe each customer condition and care
    3) analyze sales performance by products
    4) complete input paper work for short time
    5) observe stock status of every products on every truck・The company depends on monthly reports issued by sales representatives.
    ・ As a consequence, managers are unable to:
    1) receive real-time sales information
    2) take immediate improvement action against on-time incidents
  • Our Solutions
    ・ SENRI was introduced to 10 sales representatives
    ・ All retailers and product information are stored and managed on SENRI to increase productivity for dealing with/ sharing sales data
    ・ Record sales: sales reps input every sales transaction at real-time basis
    ・ Sub-inventory management: managers can monitor real time stock status in detail wherever sales representatives are far from HQ


Case II: Cosmetic Distributor

  • Client Profile
    ・Customer Network: All across Uganda
    ・Number of Customers: 10,000 (dominantly hair salons)
    ・Product Category: Hair extension
    ・The company performs cash back promotion to their customer salons according to the number of their products sold in the salons
  • Business Challenges
    ・ Merchandisers are in charge of counting the number of products sold in every salons but miscounting is frequently observed
    ・ The huge number of customers make managers unable to administer distribution coverage with no overlapping and isolation
  • Our Solutions
    ・ Sales record: merchandisers can record and store the number of product sold
    ・ Activity Log: merchandisers pinned customers’ location sourced by GPS on apps and managers can observe them from webpage
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