Mobile and Web app interactively work for sales automation

  • SENRI is a mobile and web-based app for Sales Automation of manufacturers and distributors.

  • Field Staff (sales representatives, merchandisers, van sales) will record activities using SENRI mobile app in the field.

  • From SENRI Web, Managers can monitor and guide field staff.





SENRI features

Monitor field staff activities

With GPS function, monitor field staff footprint and working time every moment


Get close to customers

Make more interactive and detailed customer database for managers


Quantify sales performance

Check number of visits, sales, cash and their targets everyday


Guide field staff

Activate field staff with sales targets, route plan, delivery/payment reminder and record review


 SENRI Technical Advantages


Automatic notification to managers

By connecting with Slack, SENRI can notify activities directly to managers. By registering Slack – you can connect with real-time update via your smartphone and/or laptop



App works without internet

Even with the weak internet or no internet connections, field staff can use SENRI – data will be stored in the mobile and synced when it is connected with internet. GPS location will be stored regardless of internet connectivity



Verify field staff activity with GPS

Managers can verify if the field staff was actually at the customer location or not using GPS. SENRI detects if the field staff is within 300 meters of the customer location (ON-SITE) or not (OFF-SITE)



Connection with mPesa

SENRI can connect with mPesa to request and receive payment. The payment status will be automatically updated. You will be able to check accurate payment records with SENRI.

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