In 2015, we started our operation in Uganda, then we expanded to Kenya, and then we continued our expansion in 2018 when we entered Nigeria, our largest market today. Within those countries, we partner-up with more than 100 companies, local and multinational.

After successful expansion in Africa, we think it is time to enter a new region. We have chosen South-East Asia, home to more than 655 million people and one of the fastest growing regions in the world.

Among all the countries in South-East Asia, we have decided to start from Indonesia, the largest country in the region. On top of its vast land area of 1.9 million km², there are more than 40 thousand minimarkets, 3.5 million small traditional retailers, and more than 12 million people working in sales. Given the aforementioned conditions, we are here to help grow the businesses, economy, and the people.

To support our customers better, we are currently deepening our understanding about the country, its socio-demographic landscape, economic drivers, and business environment. At the same time, we are building a team of professionals who can not wait to work with our customers.

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